ImageBuilders is a performance oriented website design and development company, specializing in the full spectrum of web services necessary for your small or medium size business to function at it’s optimum. We not only design creative websites pleasing to the eye – our websites produce customers.

As a full service company, we provide ALL the services you need to implement and maintain an effective website, from beginning to end. We can suggest and create a new custom website, or analyze and enhance an existing site; Web Site Evaluation is Free. Whether your website requires e-Commerce, Online Inventory, a Shopping Cart or Database Solutions; we can design, manage and host your website, at an affordable cost.

We employ all the leading edge technology to create a website that is tailored to you and your business; whether that means incorporating Dynamic HTML or Flash Animation for moving pictures, or applying our programming expertise to integrate your product inventory or other database. We NEVER forfeit functionality. Your website’s basic design will be “search engine optimized” to provide you with top search engine position; and with our managed hosting services, your website will maintain good search engine ranking.

Websites we design and our managed hosting services, include valuable features, typically affordable only to large corporations. Since ImageBuilders specializes in web services for small and medium size companies, our rates are special too – much less; but not our product or services. We possess the knowledge and skills, and coupled with our dedication; provide you the same high quality custom design, functionality, and services, the large corporations receive. Proper website design is vital for your website to succeed – be more than just a pretty face. There are many fantastically beautiful websites out there, which will never receive exposure (never by seen by anyone searching), because the designer didn’t understand how the search engines work. Knowledge is power, and we design your website keeping the search engines in mind. Your website will have high search engine ranking, so your intended audience can easily find you. Our comprehensive website design service, also includes registering your site with all of the Web’s major search engines and links listings.

One of ImageBuilders’ unique and valuable features, is our inclusion of a database in our basic website design package, and at no additional cost. Database driven website pages (also referred to as Dynamic website pages) allow some businesses to operate more efficiently and simply, thus saving the administrative team (you), countless hours, effort, and therefore dollars.

We can build a password protected database that allows only you (the administrator/website owner) to access your database, with any web browser from anywhere in the world, and change information by clicking and typing on a website form. This lets you update information whenever you want without the expense of paying us (web designers), because it’s easy and you don’t have to know anything about programming or HTML. Price increases, changes to numerous pages, can all be accomplished DYNAMICALLY or automatically by completing a form we design for your database. This same database allows everyone else (your web customers) to search through your database for products, items, real estate listings, prices, or any search option significant to your business.

Virtually every business website is enhanced by a database driven email system. When a customer contacts you by email, a database is created, including his question or interest and email address; automatically capturing vital customer information that otherwise would be lost. This database quickly provides you with a customer list for future email promotions or contact, a powerful marketing tool. We include this feature in every website we design. In fact, if your website was not designed by ImageBuilders, and doesn’t already include this proven asset; we will include a database driven customer contact form in your website, on the house, when you become one of our Fully Managed Website Hosting clients. – Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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