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It doesn’t matter if you are new to fishing or a sage angler with many trips under your belt; odds are you have used a product made by Crème Lure Company of Tyler, Texas. Nick Crème made the first plastic worm (6″ Scoundrel) way back in 1949, and the Scoundrel is still winning tournaments today. For more than 50 years anglers have trusted Crème Lures to provide them with the best quality and most innovative soft plastic lures on the market, and rarely, if ever, are they disappointed. Leslie Thompson, Director of Marketing, recently sent me a collection of baits that once again shows why the company is an industry legend. I would like to share a few of these with you because they are definitely proven winners that will help you catch more and bigger fish.

Devil’ Tongue – A special process of injecting air into the plastic makes this 4-inch bait capable of floating a 2/0 hook almost straight up in the water. If Carolina-rigging is your game then the Devil’s Tongue is the bait to be using. Field tests have also shown that anglers can get two different types of action depending on how they rig the bait. Hooking straight back into the body results in a flat, wavy action, while turning the hook into the side produces an irresistible wiggle. Because of its buoyancy, the Devil’s Tongue can also be a dynamite jig trailer. The bait will stand a 3/16 ounce or 1/4 ounce jig on it’s head, making it great for flipping around boat docks or bushes. I haven’t had a chance to test the Devil’s Tongue for “drop-shotting”, but with it’s high floating ability the bait should make an inviting target for hungry bass.

Super Tube Heavy – This is a tube bait that does what it was intended to do, imitate a forage fish. A special laminated process results in a life-like appearance inside and out. The baits have what is called a new patented “breathing gill action” that duplicates what a predator fish sees prior to engulfing his food .. Gills! Fishermen have found that tube baits will work in freshwater and saltwater, and the Super Tube Heavy gives that extra flash that turns the fish on. Colors include shad, bluegill, crayfish and sun perch.

Solid Tubes, Multi-Colors – Crappie fishermen have always known that fish are attracted to bright colors. When Crème Lure began working on it’s new Solid Body Tube Jig, the company listened to fishermen and produced the first tri-color tube on the market. As a result, the Solid Body Tube Jig comes in three-color designs, the tri-color, two-tone model and a laminated version. The goal behind the solid-body tube is to create a small bait that gives better action, is easier to put on the hook and is more durable. Crème Lure met their goal. Making the baits in a variety of new color schemes is just like adding a cherry to the top of the whip cream. Initially the Solid Body Tube Jig will be offered in five tri-color, two tone and laminated colors.

Hot Stuff – For years, savvy anglers have added a flash of florescent color to their baits to attract fish. Crème Lure Company discovered a way to bring that same flash to live bait fishing by using fluorescent colors on terminal tackle with it’s Hot Stuff fish attracting line. Hot Stuff rigs feature a quality snelled hook and 7-inch leader harness in either orange or chartreuse. For years fluorescent jigs have outsold all other colors, and field tests show that anglers using Hot Stuff rigs were catching six fish for every one that was landed on traditional clear line and hooks. Crappie, sunfish, catfish, walleye and other gamefish have definitely shown an attraction to the fluorescent line.

And you can bet that even with all of these new 21st century baits Crème hasn’t forgotten about the lures that made it famous. Lures such as the Scoundrel, the original Lit’l Fishie, the Lit’l Fishie Shad and Perch, Living Lizard and Killer Crawdad along with many others in the Crème and Burke Flex-O lines continue to be popular with fishermen around the world. For a heavier stringer give the Crème Lure line a try. – Lake Mohave

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