Recently, I was speaking with two of my fellow Skeeter Pro Staff buddies, Andrew Faterkowski and Mark Wheeler. We were going over our tournament plans and started discussing the transition stage from the late-spring post-spawn stage. That conversation inspired me to write about several of the most-asked questions we feel you should know and keep in mind when searching for bass on Lake Conroe.

1. How should your lure selection change?
“Color is important. The tendency on Lake Conroe is a darker color during the spawn and a lighter color during post-spawn,” Andrew stated. “The use of a bait with increased action, such as a Texas rigged Cobra lizard, a steady-retrieved Cobra spinnerbait or a crankbait that runs 7-10 foot in depth with a tight pattern, will increase your odds of catching fish as well,” Andrew said.

2. How should your retrieval change along with your lure change?
Because a bass’ metabolism increases during this time, your retrieval should also increase. The bass have just spawned, are hungry, and looking for action. However, if you are using a Texas or Carolina rig, retrieval should remain at a steady, slower pace.

3. What changes in areas and depths should you make?
Mark, Andrew and I agree that with the water temperature increasing during this time, bass will have the tendency to move deeper. Early morning will be best for a topwater lure or spinnerbait action. When you notice the action diminishing, move to the 4-10 foot depth with a crankbait or Carolina rig. A key to remember is to fish verticle drops where deep water is nearby.

We hope these tips will help increase your chances of catching bass. Remember, bass are at a fragile state during this time because of the stress associated with the spawn. Handle them as little as possible and release them quickly. Remember to give your bass CPR: Catch, Photograph, Release…it’s the best way to catch another in the future.

Special thanks to Andrew Faterkowski and Mark Wheeler for helping contribute to this article. If you can “catch” these guys on the water, they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also, a really BIG thanks to Andrew – He jokingly told me he was going to catch a massive fish for my cover story…that’s when he caught this 9 1/2 pounder shown on the cover.

Andrew is sponsored by Skeeter Boats, Louis DelHomme Marine, Cast-A-Way Rods, Cobra Lures and OkieLite Lures. Mark is sponsored by Skeeter Boats, Louis DelHomme Marine and Cobra Lures.

In closing, remember the three necessities:

– Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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