The holiday season is a good time for reflection. A time to be grateful for all that we have. A time to give just for the good feeling we get from giving.

One of the most important things that we all can be thankful for, after good health and good fortune for ourselves and our families is this great land we live in. From coast to coast it is filled with the most wondrous places. Our beautiful mountains, oceans, rivers, streams and lakes that we too often take for granted are truly things to be thankful for. They are great gifts placed here in our land to be enjoyed by all.

Along with these great gifts comes an important responsibility to care for them and preserve them so that future generations can enjoy the pleasures they provide us all. Many of our great rivers and lakes, once on their way to becoming “Toxic Reservoirs” full of “Mutant Aquatic Lifeforms”, are now well on their way to being restored to the condition they were a few hundred years ago when our ancestors settled this great land. The result of this turnaround is largely due to the efforts of a relatively small group of people called conservationists. Not the extremist groups, concerned with protecting some tiny insect from extinction, but ordinary folks with good common sense and, thankfully, a very high degree of responsibility, who have come together to focus attention on the care of our natural resources.

One doesn’t have to have been around too long on Lake Conroe to remember the days when the water was so clear that you could see your toes when you stood or swam in it. That was before “Mother Natures” natural filtration system was removed. Today that wouldn’t be possible even if you were 6 inches tall.

“Remember the Alamo”, huh! “Remember Lake Conroe”. Remember when it was easy for the occasional fisherman to catch a bass.

One doesn’t have to look to far, less that 100 miles, to our north south east or west to see fine examples of what proper conservation methods can do to preserve the pristine cleanliness of our lakes that are teeming with fish that can still be caught by the occasional fisherman. Properly managed these great reservoirs still provide the beautiful clean waters and abound with aquatic life even better than when our forefathers came to this country.

Give your children, grandchildren, great grand children, and so on, the gift of a beautiful and bountiful place to enjoy. Do you part if it’s only by giving something to those who are working hard every day, on a voluntary basis, to keep our lakes and rivers clean in the State of Texas.

Texas Black Bass Unlimited is one such organization. Dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our great lakes and rivers this group of volunteers is working every day, doing things to improve and enhance natures resources. Ordinary hard working every day Joe’s like you doing what they can to make it better for us all.

“Remember Lake Conroe”. Let’s put it back the way it was when you didn’t have to be 6 inches tall to see you feet or “Angler of the Year” to catch a fish.

Give a friend a membership for Christmas. For information call 713-580-1469 or 214-381-0748. Subscribe to “Our Inland Fisheries” magazine today. You can make a difference.
– Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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