Sam Rayburn Fishing Report:

LAKE LEVEL: 169.07

Crappie: Crappie action is well on its way. Favorite baits to use now are the road runners in black/ chartecuse , chartecuse and white in 1/16 ounce . Also the spring grugs in 2inch are very pouplar in black /chartecuse and chartecuse. Later in the year 3″ grubs and 1/8 ounce road runners will be more the dominating baits. To be on the safe side take along a bag of minnows and fish 6 – 8 ft. over the moss. Veach , Coleman and Tiger Creek have already started producing . Start fishing in about 8ft. to 10ft. of water on the points early and late. Also use your minnows on your brush piles.

Stripers: With the flood gates open there is plenty of activity now. Use a 2 oz. white or chartecuse slabs on the river side ( Tip), change the hooks out on your slabs and replace them with a flash tail hook .

Bass: The top water activity is getting better. Use your chuggers in chad colors or buzz baits early or until the sun is up. Make sure to use them again late in the evening untill dark. With the lake level up the fish are sitll in the bushes. Several baits have been working. Flipping a Stanley black/blue 1/2 oz. jig with a black and blue craw as a trailer will work well or use a Zoom centipede Texas riged with no weight and place a nail in the end of the worm. The nail will work as your weight. Now you can flip the brush right in the middle without getting hung up as bad. The fish are holding tight to the brush and laydowns. The other pattern is to carolina rig with a 2 1/2 foot leader , use a watermelon lizard or pumpkinseed/chart. lizard over the scattered moss in about 8- 12 ft. of water. If the fish quit hitting a lizard change to a smaller bait such as a centipede in the same colors mentioned earlier. Slowly drifting seems to produce more fish.

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La Donna Jones is an avid angler following several different trails this year Bass-N-Gal, Bass N Bucks Team, and Anglers Choice Couples, she also writes a weekly lake report for the Jasper News Boy, is a member of the Outdoorwriters Asso. and along with her husband, Dennis, owns D.J.’s Tackle in Jasper, Tx.
– Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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