Lake Fork Fishing Report
Submitted July 1, 2006
Guide James Caldemeyer

   As June comes to a close and July begins,
summertime fishing on Lake Fork is really heating up!
The HOT action in deep water is here, and if you're
like me, there's nothing more exciting than catching a
trophy, from this lake’s numerous deep structure areas.

– Lake Mohave

    Lake conditions are good, but like many
area lakes, we are in need of rain to bring lake
levels up before summer starts to take it's toll. Lake
Fork is currently about 3' low. Water is clear 3-4'
and water temps are holding in the low to mid 80's.
    The deep water bite has been exceptional already
this year, and you can expect it to improve, as
the days roll along. Most of the fish I'm finding, are
in 17' to 32' feet of water, depending on the relation
of structure in these depths. Points, humps, roadbeds,
bridges and pond dams, are great places to key in on
and run your electronics over thoroughly, until you
find fish. Some days you may have to target a lot of
these areas, to be able to catch a few fish here and
there. On other days, you may pull up on one spot and
load the boat! When you are able to locate fish, a
Carolina rig with a 3/4 to 1 oz. weight and a 3-4 foot
leader will get the nod. I have been using the Grande
Bass "Mutant" in green pumpkin, Carolina pumpkin
chart. or wat. red. These baits will catch'em! A Texas rigged worm will also catch
these same fish. I like to go with as big of worm as
possible this time of year. A 10-11" worm may get your
arm pulled out of socket!
   When the fish are a little more finicky. I've been
switching over to my drop shot rig. If you are not
familiar with, or confident in this technique, now is
the time to get acquainted with it. Tying the hook
on to your main line, about 18-24" above a 3/8-1/2 oz.,
drop shot weight and rigging your hook with a small
finesse worm in the same colors, will get these fish
going. I am putting it directly vertical on the fish
and keeping in contact with the bottom, while shaking
the rig enough to move the bait, without moving the
weight and pausing between shakes.

Deep diving crankbaits and swim baits in shad or
bream patterns, will also catch their fair share right
now, as well as the ole jigging spoon. On cloudy days,
you'll also be able to catch a number of fish up
shallow. Topwater baits like poppers and zara spooks,
can be exciting if the conditions permit! Don't
count out a shallow crankbait or a wacky worm, as they
can be deadly!!
    If you are thinking about coming to the lake to
catch one of these monsters and would like to book a
trip, feel free to contact me. I have several dates
for July and August available and would enjoy
providing you with an experience to remember! You can
email me @ or call
(903)736-9888. I would like to thank the Lord for His
continual faithfulness and to my sponsors for their
support. Lake Fork Trophy Bass
    Psalms 57:10 reads, For great is your love,
reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to
the skies.
Safe Hawg Hunting and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer III
Licensed Lake Fork Fishing Guide

– Lake Mohave

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