With summer still bearing down on us, I want to begin this month by talking about how to cope with the South Texas heat while enjoying the lake. Our guides at Lunkerville and 1, have a regular list of items that we do not forget, First and foremost take plenty of water on your outing, I recommend a bag of ice and some Gatorade also, A largo hat is another good idea. Good sunglasses are a must out on Falcon right now. Not only will they give you protection, but they help in locating fish holding cover just beneath the surface. Good quality sunscreen is another necessity. While a painful sunburn may not be a problem for some of us, skin cancer certainly is a concern that all outdoors people are becoming more aware of. I also carry a bandanna. You can put it in the water and tie it around your head or neck, or better yet, give it a few minutes in the ice chest.

Now that we are prepared, let’s go fishin’. Currently Falcon is 42 feet low and still falling at a slow pace. There is launching available at the public boat ramp, on the west side of the “park area”. You can also launch at Beacon Lodge, located off of FM 496, there is launching available at the State Park on the south end.

There are numerous navigational hazards popping up, so I recommend that you navigate between the markers, staying in the old river channel. Even then, there are a few old stumps out there so pay attention and go slow.

The fishing right now is absolutely awesome. Despite low water levels, the black bass are still up shallow, Hardwoods and rockpiles near deep water are a sure bet early in the morning. Blue fleck power worms, and shad colored raffia traps are producing best for us right now, Later in the day, fish deep diving shad colored cranks and a Carolina rigged 1 O” worm. Watch your graph closely, for signs of rocky drop-offs or rock piles that have not popped-up yet. Also don’t forget the points and rip rap at the dam.

The striper fishing has picked-up drastically, Striper up to 20 pounds are being caught on jigging spoons at the south end. Early in the morning watch for birds diving to signal schools of striper and white bass. A 3/4 ounce rattletrap can produce constant action especially on calm mornings, If there happen to be whites around, go with the Little George or Blue Fox.

Finally let’s not forget about the catfishing. Good numbers are being caught on the main river near Marker #9. The many stick-ups around the mouth of the Tigers has been another good producer. Shrimp and stinkbait is a favorite of many Falcon “whisker’ hunters.

Don’t let the water level discourage you from coming down to good ol’ Falcon this summer. Even with low water, it is one of the top summertime producers in the country.

Finally, I want to let everyone know that our store at Oso Blanco is closed. We are currently rebuilding just south of there at Godkin’s Restaurant. Our phone number is the same at 210-765-3939. Give us a call and we would be glad to set you up for a guide trip, We can handle all of your lodging and restaurant needs also. We hope to have the store reopened by October.
– Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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