Lot me just start out by saying how much I appreciate the opportunity to write this report and give readers a brief introduction. I have been an avid bass fisherman my whole life, although I have competed in tournaments for about 8 years. I have had the pleasure of guiding on Falcon since 1984. In 1993, my wife LeEtte and I opened Lunkerville Tackle & Guide Service. We have about five guides who work for us besides myself.

In 1993 and 1994, 1 directed a team trail in South Texas, before deciding that I would rather fish as many as possible. Currently, I am fortunate enough to write several periodical articles monthly, as well as fish two team trails. My sponsors are: Falcon Rods, Browning, T.U.F, Line, Stealth Boats, and Angler’s Marine.

Now that you have a little background, let’s talk about the fishing for April on what many anglers feel is the best bass lake in the United States, Falcon Lake.

During April, we will have pro, post, and spawning bass throughout the lake, This is highly unusual during April as the bass down here usually spawn from January-March. The low water level seems to be keeping fish away from the beds until the last second- About 80% of the fish will have already spawned by April.

One of the fantastic things about Falcon fish, is that they will remain active and shallow even after the spawn. They also recuperate from the trauma of spawning and become aggressive quickly. With these two things in mind, there will be several patterns that will produce ten Pounders and thirty pound stringers in April.

First of all, spinnerbaiting the Salinillas Creek is a must, White, gold, and red and chartreuse combinations work for us. Fish the numerous hydrilla Patches around hardwoods. I recommend staying in the 2-4 foot range. Chrome rattle traps have also been a perennial hot bait.

From the Tiger Creeks, north fish big crankbaits along the rocky points. There are several brush piles in these areas, and those places are even better.

I recommend chrome, firetiger, and red colored Rapalas and Storms. The new Norman’s are producing real good also, With the lake down some 27′, we have a lot of off shore ledges and house ruins popping up. While these are terrible navigation hazards, they are awesome fish cover. Be sure to fish them anywhere you see them. A Carolina rigged lizard will produce some heavy stringers.

With this information you can come down and get your string pulled throughout April. I recommend calling us or Oso Blanco Motel ahead of time to get your reservations. For guide, lake, or motel information give me a call at 210-765-3939. Until next month, good luck, good fishing, and I hope to meet you all on the water. – Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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