Successful anglers most often possess a quality of self confidence in their abilities to locate, tempt, and catch bass. As with all things in life, the more one knows about what they are doing, the more adept they become at that situation. The old saying “Practice makes perfect” certainly holds credence, in that one either becomes better through trial and error, or discouragement sets in and another situation is sought. Not all people will be good at what they attempt to do, however learning as much as one can about the skill desired can equal successful bass fishing.

There is the angler that seems to always catch fish, share knowledge, have a positive attitude, and have everything together. And, there is the angler that catches fish at random, always secretive about what he knows, seemingly negative about life in general, and never is quite ready for anything. Do you know these two anglers? An angler can tell you much about his everyday personality through a fishing excursion. The successful angler has confidence, and it carries over into his everyday life situations. He carries confidence in his abilities to be successful, simple as that! This person has taken the time to learn as much as he can about angling, and it is paying off in his fishing endeavors! People refer to the successful angler as “Lucky”, but luck can only play a very minor part in locating, tempting, and catching bass. Successful anglers carry within their minds a confidence that all too often, unsuccessful anglers don’t possess.

Learning about bass behavior, how it relates to it’s environment, structure and cover, seasonal changes, proper equipment, lake compositions and conditions, weather, topographical maps, and electronics are all important in becoming successful at bass fishing. The successful angler is not just content to chunk and wind, hoping the big one attaches itself firmly to a hook, but he learns all there is to know about what he is pursuing. The more he learns, the more confident he is in being able to put all the variables together to have a auspicious fishing experience. Research and planning are key elements in a fishing adventure. Doing your homework before going to the lake will often lead to time spent catching bass, instead of racing around the lake in total confusion. Confident anglers have learned to read topo maps and their electronics. Homework is started by calling the various water body controls and finding out what the soil composition is, the natural cover of the lake, what the local baitfish are, whether the lake is constant, rising, or falling, and talking to local marinas about depth fish are being caught. Listening to weather conditions, and knowing how these conditions might affect bass, are some key variables that can affect how you might approach your fishing excursion. Confident anglers have studied, and learned the many variables that influence bass fishing, and they adjust accordingly. Instead of trying to locate another anglers honey hole, and fishing exactly the same color of lures, the successful angler does his homework to be successful.

There are a number of ways to increase your fishing knowledge. Classes in fishing have become popular in recent years, and are a good way to increase your knowledge through interaction with pros. Instructional videos and books are out on most aspects of fishing, and can be bought, rented, or borrowed. Talking to successful anglers about what they feel is important in catching fish. Hiring a recommended guide can help on learning discoveries about lakes, structure, cover, and bass behavior in a particular lake. Planning and research into the fishing trip is very important in learning as much as you can about the area, lake, and fish.

Depending upon your own wisdom, and watching your knowledge grow through each fishing experience will most definitely help in fishing success. And, success equals confidence.

Sherry Ruslink is a licensed bass fishing guide on Lake Fork, owner of Anglers Educational Seminars, Bass’n Gal Touring Pro, and freelance outdoor writer (TOWA). She can be reached at 817-572-3675, 903-473-1016, email:, URL:

Sherry D. Ruslink
Licensed Bass Fishing Guide – Lake Fork
Anglers Educational Seminars – owner
Bass’n Gal Touring Pro
Outdoor Writer – TOWA

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