Carp eat bass eggs, fry and young of the year bass, bass eat carp fry and young of the carp but they are not egg eaters….advantage carp.

The main reason carp are bad for bass is they disturb spawning areas. When a school of carp come thru a spawning area it disturbs the bass beds.

Bugle mouth or common carp definitely eat bass spawn, bass fry, any small fish and organic bottom matter. White Amur commonly called grass carp are aquatic vegetation eaters and not known to eat fish eggs.

Spawning carp are a kiss of death for bass fishing in our lakes. If you can’t get away from them, might as well go home or break out the bowfishing rig.

Waters that harbor a bounty of carp and catfish indicate a water body of advanced age,
a water that’s past it peak production of bass, walleyes and pike.

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