Fishing on Rayburn is back to a summer time pattern. Start off by using a top water bait. I personally like a Rattling Chug Bug. This little chugger will walk like a Zara Spook or pop like a Pop -R. But it has a rattle in it and it drives the fish crazy! The best colors seem to be Tennessee Shad and White Herringbone . Use this bait or a buzz bait in white or chart / white first thing in the morning or late in the evening. Remember if there is cloud coverage these baits will produce all day.

After the morning bite is over start in about 10-12ft. of water throwing a Carolina Rig Zoom Watermelon lizard or centipeide with about a 2ft. leader.

If this is not your cup of tea then go to a 3/4 oz. or 1oz. black/blue or a black,brown and amber color( #93) Stanley Jig. Use a black /blue Gene Larew craw worm with the black/ blue jig and a pumpkinpepper green /chart. claw craw worm behind the #93 Stanley jig. The Gene Larew craw worms are salt impregnated and the fish do hang on to them longer. Also the Gene Larew Hawg Craws in Black/Blue or Pumpkinpeppergreen /Chart. claws will be used this time of year. This bait is used the same way the jigs are, (Vertically) only you use a Florida Riged 3/4 oz. or 1 oz. screw lock weight to secure the craw worm to the weight.

The hydrilla line should be easy to follow, but a flasher is needed if you are really hunting for the hawgs. Also make sure to use some type of braided line. The most popular is Lynch line in 75lb test and Spiderwire in 50lb. test. These lines help you hoist those hawgs out of the hydrilla. The water depth will be determined by the lake level. Most common place to start jig fishing willbe somewhere between 12-and 15ft. As the summer progresses the debth will get deeper.

Terry Oldham also has out a new 1 1/4oz. jig that will bust through the thickest hydrilla. To go along with the jigs ,a new scented craw worm that fits on any jig perfectly. You don’t even have to bite any off. Terry has one last NEW item to offer this year and that is a rattle. This rattle will fit on any hook shank. Making a non -rattle jig a “rattling one” by just adding this rattle. Remember for the lastest fishing report or tackle information just give us a call at 1-800-870-0131.
– Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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