Black bass: The bass have positioned themselves from about half way back in the creeks to the mouth of the creeks near the main lake. The bigger fish have been concentrated near the creek mouths and have been hitting an assortment of lures. Most of these fish are relating to shoreline structure in one to ten feet of water. Flipping Texas rigged worms and craworms around shoreline cover has been one of the most productive presentations. Black/chartreuse, black/blue, red shad, and tequila sunrise plastics have been the most effective baits. Shallow to medium diving plugs in fire-tiger cranked around shoreline cover has also produced strikes. Early and late the buzzbait will draw them to the surface.

White bass: Large schools of whites have been common on the main lake. Plenty of schooling fish have been easy to spot most of the summer, just look for the birds working or fish boiling on the surface. Main lake points, Penwaugh slough, the tram, the 190 roadbed, the 190 flats, the Banana ridge, and Pine Island have been prime areas for the action. When the fish are not schooling, use your graph to scan these areas and look for the whites and schools of shad. Once you locate a school spoon with a 3/4 oz Cobra jigging spoon, white with silver sides. Stripers have been abundant this year so don’t be surprised if you hook up on a fish that rips line off of your real and gives you a real war.

Crappie: Many of the marinas are set up to accomodate crappie fishermen. They brushed the areas for years and have strong concentrations of crappie right under their boat docks and piers. These marinas provide some of the best crappie fishing on the lake. Minnows around standing timber in White Rock, Kickapoo, Caney, and Indian creek will also get you hooked up with soc-a-lait.

Catfish: As always catfishing is excellent. Baiting areas with soured maze will have you catching catfish in large numbers. Shad, chicken live, and dough bait will all work well for whisker fish. Lake Livingston is one of the finest catfish lakes in the country and constantly produces monster catfish.

Bream: Panfish have been easy to catch around rocks, piers, shallow timber, bulkheading, and reeds. Night crawlers and meal worms are two sure bets for catching plenty of bream. All of the marina have access for bankfishing and there are plenty of bream to be caught in these areas.

Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide – Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave

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