Lake Fork Fishing Report
Submitted June 11, 2006
Guide James Caldemeyer III

June is here at Lake Fork and things are really
heating up! If it’s BIG BASS you’re after, now is the
time to head out to the lake.

– Lake Mohave

The fishing has been great this week, with clients
catching good numbers of quality fish. I had the
pleasure of taking Mike and Kay Geer out yesterday, to
pre-fish for the Skeeter Owner’s Tournament. What a
day we had! The fish didn’t seem to be phased by the
added boat traffic, as we caught 27 bass with two fish
tipping the scales at almost 9 pounds. Needless to
say, I think they’ll both remember the outing for some
time. It was great…Thanks Guys!
I have been catching most fish deeper right now.
Finding them is the trick. I am keying on areas in 17
to 30 foot of water, with structure changes nearby. A
good electronics unit is essential this time of year
and my Lowrance 332c is getting a good work out each
day. Once I’ve located fish in a certain area, I am
throwing Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and jigs to catch
these big mamas. I am using a heavy, 7 foot rod with
20 pound fluorocarbon and tying on a 1 once weight
with a 3-4 foot leader and a 2/0 hook. My bait of
choice has been the Grande Bass “Mutant” in green
pumpkin, watermelon red or June bug. These baits are
deadly! The “new” fry bait will be here soon and you
can expect it to be a doozie as well!
A big Texas rigged worm, in the same colors, will
catch these fish as well.
Don’t write off the shallow fish just yet.
There are plenty of fish up shallow. Although the
top water bite has been relatively inconsistent, there
are some days when they’ll get after it. A popper type
bait, zara spook, or frog will catch these fish in and
around the shallow grass beds and submerged timber. I
like to check these spots, periodically, in the
morning to see what the fish want. After the sun is
up, you can also switch to a shallow running crank bait
and catch these same fish. Best colors have been shad,
bream and crawfish patterns.
The fish are on the feed right now, so if you’re
thinking about making a trip, feel free to contact me
by phone (903) 736-9888 or email me at I still have a few dates
left in June and July.
I would like to thank God, first and foremost, for
His Son. It is only through Christ that we are able to
come to the Father. John 14:6 reads, “I am the way,
the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father
except through me.” I would also like to thank all of
my sponsors for their dedication and continual support.

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer III
Lake Fork Guide – Lake Mohave

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