PHOENIX — The next meeting of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission will be at 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 8 at the Holiday Inn at 1901 E. 18th Street in Yuma, Ariz.

The public can attend the meeting or view it via webcast at The meeting also can be watched on streaming video at any regional office statewide.

Those who wish to speak to the Commission may submit “speaker cards” (blue cards) in person at the meeting or from any Game and Fish office. The ability to speak to the Commission is not available for those viewing the webcast.
The following consent agenda items include:

Approval of a memorandum of understanding with the Nevada Department of Wildlife for conservation and management of herpetofauna and other wildlife species in Arizona. Approval of a memorandum of understanding with Trout Unlimited to partner with and share funding for conservation, habitat and education programs.

Other items on Friday’s agenda include:

A briefing on the status of state and federal legislation related to the Department’s mission. An update on the Department’s efforts toward accomplishing commission priorities.

An update on the Department’s involvement with resource management planning and other major actions on federal lands in Arizona.

The Commission will be updated on the Department’s progress to develop a comprehensive geospatial platform to inform wildlife management and project evaluation through the objective analysis of wildlife data.

A briefing on the success of protecting and monitoring bat populations and important roosting habitat while enhancing human safety. Hearings on license revocations for violations of Game and Fish codes, and civil assessments for the illegal taking and/or possession of wildlife (time certain at 10 a.m.).

Evaluation of alternative management elk units 1, 9, 10 and 23 for establishing an age-based guideline and may include a recommendation to amend the current hunt guidelines.

The Commission may authorize the Department to finalize negotiations to execute and amend intergovernmental agreements and future sub-agreements to implement community fishing waters in Casa Grande, St. Johns, Show Low, Glendale and Maricopa.

The Commission will be briefed and may approve an updated memorandum of understanding with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The Commission will be briefed and may approve a utility line easement agreement with Arizona Public Service for the installation, operation and maintenance of electric lines to provide electricity to Maricopa County Parks’ Buckeye Hills Shooting Range.

The Commission will be briefed and may approve a license agreement with Sanders Farm for the purpose of farming Bermuda grass crops on a portion of Arlington Wildlife Area and exercising the water rights associated with the parcel to benefit wildlife.

The Commission will have a discussion on its rule making authority to adopt rules to regulate hunting activities contrary to the Public Trust Doctrine and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

The Commission will be asked to review, for future approval, proposed recommendations to be included in the five-year review report for Article 4 rules regarding live wildlife.

To view a copy of the full meeting agenda, visit and click on the “commission agenda” link.

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is a five-member, policy-setting board that oversees the Arizona Game and Fish Department. For more information about the Commission, visit

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